What to pack for a Spring weekend getaway

Spring has reached most European countries; not the UK, but we’re getting there. The temperature rises, the sartorial layers are getting fewer and, most importantly, the cherry blossom trees are making our days a bit less depressing.

This time of the season is made for lovers who want to spend a weekend somewhere nice; for families who want to get rid of the daily stress and spoil their kids with some fun moments; for all the people who have had enough with the freezing winter and just want to do a fresh start. If you don’t belong to the 1% who absolutely hates spring with all its bees and birds, here’s your essential guide with whatever you’ll need for a Spring Getaway, tested and approved by the Scrooge team!

DSLR Camera

They say "pic or it didn’t happen" and we kind of agree; that’s why taking thousands of pictures when we’re on holidays is our number one priority. And not blurry, random ones of simple trees or awkward selfies. We like taking amateur photography to the next level by using DSLR cameras; the variety in terms of prices and models is so interesting nowadays. Do not forget to invest on some good accessories that will ensure much greater results and impressive pictures.


Is the journey long and the fellow train passengers boring (or, you know, talking too much)? Some music would be the best companion, especially if you’ve been prepared by creating great, mood-fitting playlists! A cool set of headphones that are comfy and produce incredible sound quality is your best bet.

Practical luggage bags

You think such an advice is obvious but we tend to avoid investing on good luggage bags and accessories, thinking that we don’t use them as much (as we would like to). But have you noticed how many times you wished for a more practical bag, a prettier one or one that won’t get destroyed with the first difficulty? Our best tip is to purchase suitcases in bright colours or unique prints, so that you can easily identify them at the airport, instead of attaching ribbons to them.

Cool sunglasses

What’s the point of escaping the city if you’re not going to wear sunglasses while drinking cold brew coffees next to the beach? I personally like buying new ones every time I’m planning a great journey; it’s my personal weird thingie. Choose a funky pair, put on your happy, chilled, I-am-finally-on-holidays face and enjoy every minute.

Sun protection

(source: Pinterest)

In case you’re visiting a place with lots of sun and vitamin D, make sure to always protect yourself by applying Sun Care & Tanning products. Our favourite kind of sunscreen is the one that comes in a practical package that eliminates spilling or other accidents while travelling. You want a stress-free vacation, don’t you?

Checked shirts

There’s something about checked shirts that screams ‘holidays’; I still haven’t pinpointed exactly what it is. Their relaxed fit and laid-back print are definitely important factors, as well as the fact that they’re the most favourite garment of models off-duty. Not only that, but also it looks cool with or without loose sweaters, which is good if the weather isn’t particularly stable.

What are your plans for May? We hope they include spring getaways in nice, warm places, away from the stress of the city!

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