7 Things every man should have in his closet

Dressing up isn’t easy. That’s why women usually take so long to get ready; they have so many options to choose from, despite their constant complaining that they have no clothes. Now, for men it might be a bit more difficult, given that their options are slightly more limited.

Fear not though our beloved men because, as a fashion expert, I am about to give a you a general guide of the most important pieces you need to own, if you want to look stylish and crisp on a daily basis:

#1 The Brogues

We judge you based on your shoes. Yes, it’s true, we won’t even pretend to deny it. You got the wrong shoes? You’re not going to get the girl; it’s as simple as that. Usually, lace-up brogues and Oxford shoes are the safest bet for a flawless look, especially if you invest on a nice, handmade leather pair. Make sure you match it with nice socks - do not worry, we’ll talk about that later.

#2 The Socks

Remember the days when getting a pair of socks as a gift was bad news? Oh, how many times your teenage self cried when you received socks for Christmas! Well, things have changed; now, wearing funky socks can literally upgrade the whole look - or totally ruin it if you wear, let’s say, basketball socks with nice, formal shoes. Any resemblance to real persons is *not* coincidental. What’s the trick for finding the right socks? Stick to monochrome, earthy coloured and cashmere pairs for all your formal shoes and invest on a few funky, maybe polka dot or striped pairs for all the other occasions. Easy peasy!

#3 The Trousers

If you’re tired of constantly wearing jeans on your casual activities, you should give a chance to chinos; they’re probably the comfiest trousers you’ll ever wear. When shopping chinos, make sure the length is right, as you want to also highlight the above mentioned shoes and socks - so maybe go for an ankle-length pair in a natural colour.

#4 The Shirt

A man can choose from a significant variety of shirts, but he actually only needs one: the blue Oxford shirt. It’s classy, modern and traditional at the same time, not to mention that it compliments most of your outfits. The Blue Oxford Shirt is also incredibly stylish when worn inside a cashmere sweater or on its own, provided you won’t ruin the look by not ironing it properly.

#5 The Sunglasses

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Another accessory that can change your whole look - the right pair of sunglasses turns you into a handsome Hollywood star, looking for some privacy from the paparazzi. If you’re looking to invest on a timeless design, then opt for a black or brown pair with a classic shape and avoid following temporarily trends that might change in a couple of years; I'm talking from experience!

#6 The Watch

A watch is a symbol of class and sophistication, so it’s one of the most subjective matters in the styling process. However, it’s good to mention that a watch can determine the first impression you give to someone you just met, so it’s crucial to invest on a few watches that have different style.

#7 The Suit

If there’s one quote you remember from the TV show ‘How I Met Your Mother’, it’s probably Barney’s famous line “Suit up!”. Barney had a point though; wearing a nice, tailor made suit is the best thing you could do, as women love it. And why wouldn’t we? It’s classy, it reminds us of Oscar-worthy actors and makes you look gooood. Attention, however. Purchase a classic, simple blazer that actually fits you; so always pay a visit to your tailor to make your new suit look great on you. Extra points if you also wear a waistxoast inside.

So now you know what makes a man’s wardrobe stylish and functional. Naturally, it always depends on the person’s aesthetics and lifestyle, but this is a very general guide for when you’re having trouble on what to invest on. 

What pieces and/or accessories would you add in our list?

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