7 Great Mother's Day gifts - Mama knows best

You know it’s true. She knows where each and every lost item is hidden, she can tell which friend of yours is a nice person and who might ruin your life; she can even predict the near future depending on your decisions. Mums are like super heroes – they can multitask like pros, they’d give up everything for their children and they will always think of you as a little child even if you’ve reached 50 years of age.

Mums are precious and they deserve the best; that’s why Mother’s Day (March 6th 2016) is a precious day and you ought to show your love and devotion to the woman who raised you and taught you basic things about life. Here at Scrooge, we take Mother’s Day quite seriously, so we have prepared a few gift ideas that will make her day:

Fragrance set

Mums are usually tired, so why don’t you spoil yours with some nice perfumes and body lotions? Investing on fragrance sets is always an excellent idea for any lady (note that for future reference), but women who rarely find time for themselves will truly appreciate such a gift.

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Body creams

In the same concept as previously, body creams and lotions can cheer your mother’s mood and protect her skin from the freezing British winds. When shopping creams, make sure their scent is close to the recipient’s taste and always check if the texture is oily or not. As a general rule, however, we can tell you that non-greasy textures and rose or coconut scents are the most successful ones.

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Every woman appreciates a nice piece of jewellery, no matter its price. Depending on your creativity and talent, you can always try a DIY solution, as handmade stuff are always cuter and more meaningful. If you’re not that into crafting and experimenting, opt for a typical bling-bling. Mums usually love brooches, so how about that? They’re a nice touch that can upgrade their look, plus they add elegance and class. And our mothers are classy, aren’t they?

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Is your mum active, fashionable, tech savvy and always late? A smartwatch could be the ultimate gift for her. It might sound a bit overpriced for a Mother’s Day present, but she will absolutely love it. Smartwatches and activity trackers are now quite popular and many tech companies launch their own version, so I’m sure you can find a design that matches your budget needs.

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Hair care appliances

Like most women, your mother will most likely appreciate a professional hair care appliance, in order to create flawless hairstyles without the expenses of a hair salon. Although it might seem like an impersonal gift, the truth is that presents like this are both practical and luxurious, thus making the recipient’s smile wide and honest. In other words, go for it!

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Nail care products

When you have kids, job and a bunch of stressing responsibilities, me-time is pretty important; even a simple routine like taking care of the nails can be incredibly relaxing when done properly. That’s why a set of nail care products is probably the best gift you can give to a woman. Make sure to include nail varnish in colours that are both practical, cute and elegant!

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Movie Time

We bet your mum cares more about quality time, rather than expensive stuff; so why don’t you give her just that? Prepare a cosy night in with the rest of the family! You can cook a nice dinner, order takeaway or prepare tasty finger food, buy her favourite movie and just have a wonderful time with her most favourite people in the world!

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Whatever your final choice, keep in mind that Mother’s Day wasn’t created for gifts; instead, it’s a day that reminds to all of us how special our mothers are and how magnificent human beings they are. On this day (as well as every other day, too) take care of the woman who raised you, listen to her problems and make sure you help her with anything she needs. And, from times to times, feel free to spoil her a little bit – she deserves it.

What will you do for Mother’s Day this year?

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