Spring trends 2016 - From catwalks to the streets

Browsing fashion trends is like reading horoscopes; while we all support individuality, we can’t help but crave for a sneak peek of what the future holds. We need to know what clothes to keep or throw and how to organise our wardrobes for the new season. Most importantly, however, we want to know what new is coming so that we can be among the first ones who will try it.

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Transitioning between seasons can be confusing and even frustrating if you’re not prepared, so we decided to make things a bit easier for you by providing an easy-to-follow guide regarding the all new Spring 2016 trends.

Womenswear spring 2016

Lingerie Style

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Spring’s most sensual proposition is inspired by the glorious ‘20s and is perhaps the most comfortable trend of the season. Luxurious, feminine and glamorous, lingerie take the streets and turn women into the most precious beings on the planet. We will see it mainly in luscious, nude and earthy colours - besides, simplicity is what defines these slip dresses. Our fashion experts team suggests pointy ballet shoes as the ultimate companion for this outfit.


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Womenswear become classier this season. Relaxed and ladylike silhouettes dominated the international catwalks, with the aim of hugging the woman’s body, thus giving comfort and luxury in every look. Long dresses are paired with simple flat sandals for the ultimate laid-back attitude.

Off the shoulder

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Showing a little skin (but not too much) is the smartest thing a woman can do regarding her sartorial choices. This spring, exposing the shoulders gets a chic twist, with many designers translating the trend in their own way and techniques. Whether you will choose t-shirts, blouses or dresses it’s totally up to you, but matching the trend with killer court shoes will instantly boost your confidence.


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Adding some sparkle is not for everyone and is definitely not easy to pull off. However, you can always follow the charming trend by opting for silver socks or even a nice, sparkling belt for the glorious nights out.


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Gone are the days when Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake attended events dressed in full denim (thank God). Nevertheless, denim outfits still dominate our wardrobes and every season they become more modern than ever. For a safer look, opt for denim trousers but, if you feel like a daredevil, go for a jeans midi dress, paired with laid-back sandals.

Menswear spring 2016

Bomber jackets

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With an obvious inspiration from the fun ‘50s, bomber jackets turn into the ultimate jacket a man can own for this upcoming spring. Comfy and versatile, bomber jackets can be worn both during the day and night, depending on the accessories you will choose, but it’s safe to say that our favourite combination is black on black; you can’t go wrong with the all-time classics.

White chinos

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Complementary with classic navy tops and/or pops of colours, the white trousers are a pleasant surprise for the typical menswear wardrobe, as it can be worn easily, by all types of guys. We adore this trend paired with preppy sweaters and sneakers.


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Truth is that this particular trend doesn’t compliment every time of man out there; but when worn properly, it can do miracles. Whether you will adopt a more artistic attitude or a more masculine one, it’s totally up to you. But make sure you pair the overalls with elegant lace-up shoes to avoid being mistaken for a painter.


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Emerald green is probably the most aristocratic and elegant colour that suits almost everyone. While it’s surprising that such a shade dominated the spring catwalks, we can’t help but embrace it, feeling blessed for its sudden appearance. Designers proposed green coloured pants or shirts but, if you’re not into colours, why don’t you opt for green accessories or ties?


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Humble and useful, the anorak may save you from impromptu rain showers but they also turn into the ultimate jacket for the upcoming spring. Soon you will be able to find both printed and monochrome pieces throughout the stores, so be prepared about what best suits your needs.

No matter which trends you’ll decide to follow, never underestimate your personal taste and don’t lose yourself in the process of becoming a fashionista. Following trends blindly or purchasing weird clothes just because they are a “must-have” this season isn’t the smartest choice - instead, make sure that whatever you pick represents yourself and always choose clothes that suit your body and lifestyle.

What are your personal favourites for the upcoming spring? Let us know in the comments!

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