Saint Valentine's survival guide: Gift ideas for him & her

Valentine’s Day is a very confusing celebration - and a bit stressful for some people. Not only you have to buy gifts for your significant other, but you also need to prepare cute stuff and surprises to make each other happy, while complaining about how ‘mainstream’ or ‘commercial’ the day is. For other people, though, Valentine’s Day is the perfect opportunity to celebrate their love, go out on fancy dinners and do all the aforementioned cute little things, but without the complaining.

We’re not sure where we stand; are we Valentine’s victims or enemies? Truth is that our team is quite big and nobody can keep track of those things. However, we do have an opinion on what’s hot (and what’s not) regarding Valentine’s gifts. We asked our girls, we asked our guys, we made a list of the best presents we’ve bought or received and today we present you the ultimate Saint Valentine’s survival guide, to avoid awkward gifts and endless shopping sprees! You’re welcome.


Cute underwear

A classic solution that can keep both of you happy; finding the perfect underwear for your significant other has always been a St. Valentine’s must-do gift. Just be aware of the three S: size, shape, style. If you know what’s her size and what shapes and styles she prefers, the task is easy peasy. Our suggestion is to go for girly designs that are quite unusual, too. In other words, don’t pick a predictable, basic pattern/style/fabric - unless you know she’ll absolutely love it.

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Perfume & Cosmetics

Now, before we proceed, we need to warn you that there is a legend saying “if you ever give a perfume as a gift to someone, they need to give you a coin in return, otherwise you will have a big fight and/or break up”. However, perfumes can be a very thoughtful gift and everyone appreciates it. When it comes to cosmetics, it would be nice to either find an unusual gift set or maybe create a DIY box with cute products she might like.



Well, that’s obvious! Buying jewellery on Valentine’s Day is as predictable as buying chocolate (oh, there’s another idea for you!). But wait, why don’t you buy a unique piece, something different, something she wouldn’t dare to buy herself? What about something personalised? Women love personalised stuff. If you want to stay true to the cheesy attitude of the day, try buying a fashionable necklace with her name on it - or maybe an important date?

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Bath oils & spa stuff

Nothing beats the sweet-looking and incredibly-smelling soaps, bath oils and spa stuff that relax both the body and mind. They look great, they smell even better and they treat your girl like a princess - can you think of anything better? A small (or big, depending on your budget) selection of bath products will be absolutely amazing, especially if paired with a nice candle and a relaxing jazz playlist. She will be thankful.

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Men love watches. No matter his age, style or taste, chances are he will appreciate a watch as a gift and, depending on your budget, you can pick fantastic models for him. In order to make it a bit cuter, you can always personalise it and perhaps add an important date he needs to remember.


If he is a tech-savvy kind of guy, he will definitely appreciate a good pair of headphones, ideally matching his phone or watch (see previous idea). And if you thought that headphones are all quite similar, let us inform you that the market has an incredible variety of absolutely beautiful designs that would make anyone a music expert from now on.

Grooming kit

Does the hubbie have a beard? Of course he does. Well, then, the answer is pretty obvious, isn’t it? Men are very picky with their facial hair and a good grooming kit is what they dream of the whole day. Whether you’d like to focus on aftershave stuff or razors (or both), make sure you choose an interesting way of packaging as well. What for? Instagram of course.

Power bank

That’s actually a gift you will both appreciate, as he will have a cool power bank for his phone and you will never have to hear his excuses about how his battery died and that’s why he didn’t text you back.

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Whatever you buy for your loved one, just remember one thing: you should respect this person on a daily basis and spoil him/her whenever you have the chance - an honest smile, a huge hug and a peck on the cheek are more than enough to make each other’s day!

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