Halloween Survival Kit - Costumes and ideas

26-10-2015 news tips

Are you spending way too much time Googling Halloween costumes and gifts ideas? Panicking that you haven’t chosen a gift for your friend yet? No need to scroll through the whole web anymore, as we’ve rounded up a few of our favourite Halloween essentials, from costumes and smart gifts to simple accessories and Trick-Or-Treat sweets. We’ve named it as our Halloween survival kit and of course you’re more than welcome to adopt any or all of these ideas!

From cinema screens to reality - Movie themed Halloween costumes

The Walking Dead

Zombies are the perfect evil beings for every Halloween party. They’re also a hot trend right now because of the new season of “The Walking Dead”. If you’re looking for a killer costume, then a full face zombie mask is ideal to create a little terror. Combine it with zombie latex gloves, creepy green cosmetic contact lenses and here you go, ready to terrify your guests. In case you’re not in a mood to wear a mask for the whole night, then use face painting sticks or make up to create a realistic corpse-like skin tone, covering up any redness on your face. If you want to put the blood near your mouth, make sure to get the edible kind!

Tip: Add a broken bone scar. It’s a perfect accessory for a zombie costume.

Twilight & Underworld

Vampires and Wolves are not out of style either, even if the Twilight saga and Underworld movies are over. For sure, you can transform yourself into a sexy vampire, but why not become a really scary and gothic creature? First of all, for becoming the ultimate vampire, you’ll need fangs and a simple Halloween make up kit. Be careful though. Use colour tone that is two shades lighter than your skin, otherwise you might look utterly fake. Your outfit should be in neutral colours, such as black and navy blue, or just put on a vampire costume. Finally, wear a pair of golden and black cosmetic contact lenses.

Now, if you’re fancy about howling on a full moon, then a wolf mask is definitely made for you. Brown or silver, wolves are top-rated costumes. Plus, you can always transform yourself into a kind and cute man such as Bella’s Jacob Black, just by taking it off.

Unhappily everafter: Alice in Horrorland

Leaving Wonderland, sweet Alice promised she'd be back soon. And here she is, dressed as Alice from Horrorland! Try on the blonde wig and a blue and white dress with a light grey shredded apron. Splashes of fake blood will give this costume a truly horrific effect. Guess what, this particular Alice has definitely had a very bad day at work, so we suggest staying out of her way! Muahahaha!

Tip: Fake lashes will add a dramatic look to your outfit.

Halloween gift ideas

So, you’ve got an awesome costume and now what? Now, it’s time to choose a gift for your friend or the loved ones.

Ties and boxers for him

Ties and boxers are easy choices and useful accessories for a man. Halloween boxers are funny and will make your friend laugh every time he opens his wardrobe. No need to say, how many catchy phrases you can come up with while giving him this “creepy” gift. If you’re looking for something smart but not so risky, prefer a Halloween tie. Especially, if we’re talking about a person who doesn’t like to dress up, a tie will help him to get in a festive mood.

Halloween accessories for her

Many Halloween stories don’t have a happy ending, but this is not what you want for your loved one. Showing up with a Halloween necklace or a key ring as a gift, will make her smile on a day full of horror. Search for spooky skulls, black cats, spiders and… anything she’ll never expect from you.

Halloween Story books and mugs for everyone

What if you could personalize your gift? Spooky books that can be personalized with a name are a great option, not only for children. Who wouldn’t love to have a fun adventure with his name appearing within colourful illustrations? A member of our team had received one once and everyone was a little bit jealous, even if we’re not kids anymore.

Need a gift that won't be returned? Then go ahead for a Halloween cup! Mugs are made to brighten up everyone’s tea or coffee break.

Tip: Add a small card with the following text on it: “The only way to make yourself immune from the zombie virus today is to drink from this cup”.

Useful houseware & kitchen accessories for every home

No one can keep his hands off the treats, so chocolates and candies are perfect for every home. From Pumpkin Lollies to milk chocolate sets, every kind of sweet is more than welcome.

Decided to create a jack-o’-lantern with other guests? Well, it doesn’t look as simple as it seems to be. After hours of trying, you can find yourself bleeding and the floor covered in seeds. Usually, the worst part is your pumpkin that looks like it’s been attacked by a mad serial killer. In order to create a pumpkin lantern that you won't be embarrassed to put in your window, you’d better buy a Kitchen Craft Halloween Pumpkin Carving Tool Kit.

To decorate your house in the spirit of the season doesn’t mean spending days and a small fortune. Simple Halloween pumpkins, balloons, a gang of bats flying around the living room and a couple of Halloween Photobooth Accessories are simple decorations everyone will be proud to show off.

So, we hope the above ideas will help you survive this Halloween and of course, we’re waiting for your suggestions that will get us in the festive mood.

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