10 + 1 fashion trends that never go out of style

22-10-2015 news tips

“Fashions fade, style is eternal”, Yves Saint Laurent

Fashion trends are constantly changing. They go out of fashion and come back in after a few years, with a couple of modern details added to it. There are two kinds of fashion trends though. The ones that we follow for one season only and those that stay with us for many years and become an inseparable part of our closet. It’s not hard to find a new pair of jeans, a pair of black classic high-heels or that little dress that you always wanted, but you will never replace clothes which make you look fabulous every time you wear them.

Our fashion team handpicked 10+1 timeless items that never go out of style and always have a favourite place in our heart. Let’s see them below!

#1: The little black dress

A little black dress is an all-time classic stylish option, necessary to any woman’s wardrobe. Depending on the fabric, it’s a piece of clothing that you can wear almost all day long. You can get a lot in terms of combinations out of your little black dress, but the right accessories will totally change the look of your outfit. If you’re aiming for an “office friendly” look, then the straight line is all what you need. As for the night out… the best choice is a short and tight cut-out dress which is not too revealing. Be cautious, whatever dress you choose, it has to suit your age and shape.

#2 Black court shoes 

A popular and safe choice for women who seek timeless elegance in their looks are the black high heels. A classy pair of high-heels is a great investment, as they can easily transform your casual look into a formal outfit. You can pair them with a Pencil skirt opting for a sophisticated evening look, or with a suit to get one of the tough-girls-in-men-suit looks. Court shoes are a true classic for any occasion. 

Tip: Match your black high heels with jeans and an oversized shirt for a casual but stylish outfit.

#3 Boyfriend jeans 

Have you ever spent a week without wearing your favourite jeans? What if we told you that you can say goodbye to your skinny jeans and wear boyfriend jeans, with their relaxed fit and lived-in look? It’s a safe and stylish choice for almost every body shape. You can wear it with a T-shirt for a more casual outfit or match it with a pair of high heels and a blazer for a more glamorous look.

#4 Sneakers 

The era during which sneakers were destined for use only in outdoor and sport activities is long gone. During the last few years we’ve seen them at the catwalks of the most famous fashion designers, combined with every kind of outfit: from classic suits and skinny shirts to jeans and track pants. Funky or classic, no matter what pair of sneakers you choose, remember that they will give your looks a breath of fresh air and a girly mood.

#5 Floral 

It’s more ordinary to find the floral style during the spring months, but it’s not uncommon during the winter too. If it scares you into wearing a total floral look as fashionistas do, then you may try one item at a time. Floral patterns on pants can be a good start. They will make you look sleeker and are less risky. With high heels or not, remember to match floral designs with a single color t-shirt. For a more girly look, try a floral dress and simple accessories. Floral bags and shoes are a trend too, but keep in mind the “less is more” rule.

#6 Animal Print 

Eye-catching animal prints add interest to any wardrobe. Love it or hate it, Leopard and Cheetah prints are here to stay. Avoid the total animal print look and prefer accessories such as shoes, bags and scarfs with animal prints. What if you pair your total black look with animal prints though? Booyah! You just became a fashion icon.

#7 Military look 

All you need to look ”oh-so-chic” this season is a military jacket, skinny jeans and a pair of high heels. Remember that it’s considered to be a bit of eccentric look so you have to feel really confident and open to experimentation to try it out. Otherwise, it might look silly on you. The combinations you can try are many and can easily lead to a stylish result. If you don’t dare wearing heels, then try military pants with comfy ankle boots or a military-inspired coat, even for a night-out with your girls! 

#8 Black oversized sunglasses 

This season big sunglasses were the hottest must-have accessory, but the trend was started by celebrities years ago. I guess, the purpose was to get rid of their dark circles under the eyes or to keep a discreet profile, but fashionistas had another plans. They turned it into a fashion statement. The black oversized sunglasses are an elegant choice for every age and can embrace your femininity. If you don’t want to overwhelm your face, remember that you’ll find these stylish babies in different sizes and frames. Your oversized specs will add a chic finish to smart outfits and completely jazz up a casual ensemble. The secret is to choose those in which you look good in them!

#9 Black and white 

Black and white combo is classic, clean and inherently chic. According to Karl Lagerfeld, "black and white always looks modern, whatever that word means”. Whether it’s a white dress with black accessories, or a black blouse paired with a white blazer, it’s hard to mess up with this timeless color combination. Also, why not make a fashion statement by wearing an androgynous look -white shirt, black jacket, black tie?

#10 Bomber jacket 

The bomber jacket was originally created for pilots. Now, it has become a key style no matter the season. Pair your favourite dress with a floral jacket for a more girly look. On the other hand, the khaki bomber jacket is the perfect tailored touch to your boyfriend jeans and pair of sneakers.

#11 Smile and confidence 

Knowing all the latest fashion trends is not enough. Your smile and your self-confidence are the keys to look fabulous in whatever outfit you prefer, since true beauty lies from internal harmony with ourselves. Approaching others with a smile will ultimately lead to a better attitude. Remember that confidence is more attractive than good looks. So, choose a trend that you like the most and pair it with your best accessory, your smile!

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