What to wear on New Year’s Eve

It’s officially the last days of December and guess what - this unfortunate year is about to end! We couldn’t be happier for saying goodbye to 2016; in fact, we can’t wait to heal our wounds and start over. We will do this by attending fun parties, meeting with good friends, laughing, dancing and consuming whatever the barman has to offer. 

We will also make sure we look as glamorous as it gets. If you want to join us (and put an end to the eternal, rhetorical question of ‘what to wear?’, please go ahead and read our tips (they come from personal experiences):


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With their 80s vibes and their disco attitude, sequins are a NYE must. And why not? They’re fun, glamorous and, let’s face it, if you don’t wear them on NYE, you never will. Whether you’ll opt for dresses, tops or skirts, always make sure you keep things balanced. In other words, keep the rest of the look quiet and don’t mix more than two colours overall. 

Bow tie

They’re sexy, they’re formal and they make you look like a 50’s lad who knows his whiskey and has deadly quotes. Although bow ties have turned into a cool hipster accessory over the last couple of years, it still maintains its glam. Feel free to experiment with colours and textures and always match it with a cool blazer and a very elegant hairstyle.

High heels

We know they’re uncomfortable, we know they hurt like hell. But every time we tried to attend a NYE party with elegant flat shoes, it just felt like something was missing! There’s something about high heels that change our whole attitude and body posture; we also tend to dance much better (unless tipsy) and welcome the new year with more promising smiles. Go for it!


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If there’s an accessory that screams ‘formal’, that would be the cufflinks! In fact, the more unique, the better. We like interesting designs and masculine aesthetics on a pair of cufflinks - to be honest, even a Star Wars one could do the job if you’re on the dark, geeky side (see what we did there?).

Red underwear

(source: Pinterest)

Most importantly, though, you need to wear red underwear! The shade doesn’t matter, as long as it’s there. Why? Well, a red piece of underwear is believed to bring good luck and lots of love. Women can match the thongs with bras; men have an easier job with red boxers. So, no matter what you choose to wear on the outside, in the end it’s the inside that counts!

What are your NYE must haves? Let us know in the comments below!

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