Christmas shopping with Scrooge's elves

09-12-2016 news gifts shopping

Unlike the cold-hearted Ebenezer Scrooge, we absolutely love Christmas and cherish the festive period. Trying to find amazing presents for our loved ones does give us a bit of a headache sometimes, but at the same time we appreciate having so many wonderful people around us.

We don’t believe in ‘perfect gifts’; we do believe, however, that there is a gift perfect for someone. When thinking what to buy for those we love, we always consider their hobbies and passions, their age and profession, as well as their secret desires. 

Budget-wise, we tend to spend more on those two or three people closer to us and always (always!) include a nice Christmas card with a few nice words - giving a thoughtful card to someone means much more than a plain gift, no matter how generous or practical it is. Long story short, here are some of our general suggestions on the juicy topic of what-to-buy-to-whom:

1. For your special man

A video game console. Definitely. There’s no way he (whoever ‘he’ might be) won’t like it, or he’ll think ‘’well that was a bad gift’’ - unless, of course, you buy him a console he already owns or, even worse, an older version of his own console. If he already owns one or if he’s a devoted gamer, you can always opt for accessories like gaming headsets or high tech gamepads.

2. For your lovely girl

Contrary to common belief, women are very easy to find a gift for. So easy that it can be overwhelming. If the woman you’re thinking about is taking good care of her appearance and secretly watches makeup tutorials on YouTube during her lunch break, she will most likely appreciate a great cosmetic set; the closer to you she is, the least affordable it should be.

3. For your great dad

Fathers usually have beards, so what do beards need? Fantastic grooming sets, that’s what. From old-school, traditional sets to simple yet practical ones, e-shops are full with similar products, all thanks to the beard trend that has millions of fans all over the world.

4. For your beloved mother

Mothers are tricky. You kind of want to buy something house related, but you also feel it’s not that personal (you’re right, it’s not, don’t buy it). A nice handbag, on the other hand, is personal and is a wonderful gift to give to your mother (or mother in law) that will put a huge smile on her face.

5. For kids

If it’s a young one, anything Peppa the Pig related will do. LEGO sets, for all ages, are also a great choice. Or any toy in general. For older kids, closer to teenage years, try a tablet!

Well that's it, time to go for online shopping! Do you have any more suggestions in this never-ending list? Let us know in the comments below!

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