Black Friday is a breath away

15-11-2016 news shopping

It’s official. Friday the 25th of November is nearly upon us and we’re sure you know fully well why it’s such an important day. It’s Black Friday, aka the ultimate day to purchase expensive items such as TVs, computers and other electronic devices. For one day only, prices plummet and reach incredibly low heights.

Despite all its glory, though, Black Friday can be very confusing and tiring, or even dangerous in some extreme circumstances! So, to make things slightly easier, we’ve prepared a quick guide with whatever is on our list:

1. Laptops

Traditionally, the most popular stores do huge discounts on previous generation laptops coming from all big brands. More specifically, most of the times we see price cuts, exclusive gifts and generous vouchers, so it’s always smart to invest on such products that usually cost a fortune.

2. Mobile phones 

Just like with laptops, mobile phones cost another small fortune and, let’s face it, it feels pretty fantastic when you get them for a lot cheaper. Black Friday serves that exact purpose, so why not choosing a new mobile pal? We know you will. 

3. Toys

Think of Black Friday as an excellent opportunity for Christmas shopping, as many major retailers do discounts on kids' favourite toys, like Lego and Playmobil toys, dolls and action figures, thus saving a lot of pennies from gifts you’d have to buy anyway.

4. TVs

What a Black Friday classic! TVs are always the most popular go-to deals and sometimes customers fight with each other for the best bargain. Although we definitely don’t approve of such actions, we can’t help but justify the obsession. Our advice? Do your research before shopping either online or in an actual store!

5. Video Games

Stocking up in video games (as well as BluRay or DVDs) is another blessing that comes with Black Friday! We will certainly do so and, as a matter of fact, we already have a pretty long wishlist of fun video games we’d like to play.

That’s it! What are you going for this Black Friday? Make sure you’re prepared and remember that enjoying fun products doesn’t necessarily mean you need to break the bank!

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