Urban clothing – how to build a solid streetwear wardrobe

Remember the days when streetwear was only suitable as a gym attire? When hoodies were a big ‘no-no’ when leaving the house and trainers were not only inappropriate for ladies, but also were ugly and chunky? Thank God, this belongs to the past as current fashion is all about the aforementioned.

Sneakers, simple '90s hoodies and tracksuits are worn by the most stylish ladies and men out there, from models off duty to editors and pop stars. Here’s how you’ll follow the trend:


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Who would have thought that hoodies could be considered high fashion! It’s not difficult following the trend while looking expensive; simply take care of your hoodies by keeping them crisp and ironed and choose minimal ones with no loud prints (or too laid-back ones). The trick is to combine them with pretty accessories or jewelry.


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I’m sure all women cheer “amen!” every time they bump into an article about how hot sneakers are. I mean, can you blame us? We’ve had enough of all those uncomfortable heels and ballet flats for years. Now it’s time to embrace the Gazelle, the Stan Smith, the Airmax.


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Tracksuits in everyday outfits, you say? Is that possible? It actually is, it can look fantastic but needs lots of confidence, creativity and a bit of an edge in order to make the most out of the trend. Choose luxurious (or luxurious-looking) fabrics, mix’em with transparencies and feminine shoes and you’ll shine!


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While a few seasons ago, we’d hide our socks (especially the athletic ones), now we’re showing them off instead. The trend has already impressed the young British fashion scene, with many of them actually investing on high fashion sock shoes!

Gym bags

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It doesn’t have to have a pure athletic purpose or even attitude, as long as it’s a big bag with lots of space for everything necessary. We like using elegant gym bags on a daily basis, mainly so that we change from work heels to comfy flats in no time while waiting for the tube!

How about you? Will you give in on the most comfortable fashion trend ever? What would be your most extreme sartorial choice? Let us know in the comments below!

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