Moving hacks - Choosing the right appliances

You’ve picked the right place to move into, you’ve decided on the decoration part, now it’s time to buy all the actual necessary stuff – electric appliances that is. Well, unless you live under a rock since forever, you should know all the basics; but here are a few of my personal favourites that have helped me a lot in my daily routine:

Smoothie blender

Throw in an apple, a banana and a kiwi – boom! A juicy, healthy smoothie is born. Blenders are magnificent appliances that can turn any fruit into a fantastic source of energy and delight within seconds, not to mention all those amazing sauces and dips that can be created with only a few ingredients!


Who doesn’t love a fabulous, rich breakfast? Although toaster and similar devices are for some reason underrated, I believe they are one of the most essential appliances every home needs – and not just the simple, basic ones! Have you checked just how many different types are out there? Toasters have become so sophisticated and complex that have gained more hipster points than you can imagine.

Tumble dryer

If I could choose one electric appliance I can’t live without, that would be the tumble dryer; funny enough, my new flat doesn’t have one :( Tumble dryers are heavenly gifts; I still feel bad for my mother and grandmother who had to wait for the laundry to dry on a cold winter day, when my generation simply clicks on a button and waits for an hour or so.

Wine cooler

I love how posh wine coolers are. They keep your favourite bottles (wine or not) in the perfect temperature without taking up space from your fridge. Plus, you know, they look fabulous.

Ironing station

Is an ironing station an absolute necessity? Yes it is. While an iron can do the job just fine, a steamer or an ironing station can really take the chore to the next level. Say hello to crispy, perfect shirts and goodbye to all those awkward wrinkles that you’re not entirely sure if they’re meant to be there.

Fan heater

Paying the bills in winter really hurts; we know. Heating can cost a fortune in the UK, where temperatures hit rock bottom after late December – you can’t wait, right? A trick to save said fortune is to invest on a really good fan heater! Along with your favourite sweater and hot chocolate drink, you’ll finally say ‘winter is here’ without shivering.

What are your preferences when it comes to electric appliances? Any suggestions for our lovely list? Let us know in the comments below!

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