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Moving flats can be a real pain in the neck. It is all about endless packing and even more endless unpacking, lifting heavy boxes, deciding on what to keep and what to throw – ugh. Nevertheless, it’s a pleasant experience, mainly because it signifies a (much needed) fresh start, which usually leads to new, surprising adventures. Even though I hate the moving process, I absolutely love the decoration part of it; I can spend weeks looking for inspiration, pinning interesting products and exploring new homeware brands.

Since I’m feeling a bit generous lately, here are all my inspirational ideas – from my flat to yours. I hope you’ll find something that will trigger an idea, thus turning your new house into a home!

I like my bedroom as cozy as possible; with lots of pictures, personal items and books I love. However, I also like it simple and peaceful, with lots of hidden storage space to protect all those things that I couldn’t throw away, yet they’re pretty much useless (I’m looking at you, collectable Campari bottle). A good indoor plant or aquarium is always a brilliant idea to add a cute touch to the bedroom (or any room, really). In fact, if you search, you can find incredible fake flowers that look like the real thing, which is a win-win. 

Another cozy detail is a nice, soft bed throw; especially for those cold winter nights when all you want to do is literally Netflix and Chill. Pick a high quality one, in a colour that ideally matches most of your bedsheets!

Getting the ideal, minimal wardrobe you’ve always wanted isn’t difficult either, since all you need is a long rail to start with. Then, depending on your budget and room size, you can add a rug or a carpet, a bunch of shelves and/or other decorative details. If you’re feeling too creative, you can even change the “display” colours to suit your mood.

But nothing screams more “personal” than adding your favourite polaroid pictures all over the house; your most beloved moments, people, places. Thankfully, Pinterest has loads and loads of brilliant ideas related to polaroid photography, but you can always do your best to come up with your own creative ways of displaying beautiful subjects in order to make the house friendlier and welcoming.

Can’t wait to hear your ideas in the comments below!

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