Suitcase 101 - How to pick the perfect luggage

Packing is one of the most boring pre-vacation activities ever. It requires you guessing what you’ll want to wear for 10 straight days, packing everything in a smart way so that everything fits and, on top of that, you also need to prepare for any possible weather scenario, so that you’re covered no matter what. But, hey, at least you know it will be worth it.

We know you’ve been daydreaming for your holiday for the last couple of weeks. But, for now, your ideal vacation soundtrack is playing at the background (bet it’s the Pina Colada song) and you stare at the computer screen, trying to decide which is the right suitcase to invest on. Guess who’s here to help – me:

1. Cabin size

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Cabin sized suitcases are my favourites; especially the ones with the wheels. What’s not to love about them? They’re small(ish), lightweight, fit pretty much all things necessary and you can obviously take them with you in the airplane. Biggest perk? You don’t get to wait forever until your suitcase makes an appearance after a long and uncomfortable flight – extra bonus: there’s no way your airline might lose it or drop it in a completely random airport and country. Now, I always tend to buy suitcases as funky as possible, so that I can instantly locate them; like ones with pretty prints or colours. Another thing to consider: soft or hard material? It’s all up to what suits your needs best, really.

2. Duffle bags

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Speaking of cabin sized suitcases, you might be the duffle type of a traveler; why not, duffle bags are very flexible and can fit a lot of things as well. Plus, they’re lighter than the regular suitcases and come in a huge variety of colours, sizes and shapes, thus fulfilling all of your needs. If you want my advice, go for a trolley one, a true investment for both present and future!

3. X-large suitcase

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Sometimes, a large suitcase is just not enough. Whether you’re planning on packing a lot of things or going shopping during the trip, it’s essential that you have loads of space! Make sure you opt for a hard-shell one, to protect your property and always use the tie down straps to keep everything in place.

In my opinion, the most important part of packing and choosing the right suitcase to accompany you in your adventure is related to the accessories you’ll use. Make sure you use locks to protect your bags from being opened – you can even opt for cable ties, although please keep in mind they can be opened easier than a lock. In terms of practicality, always choose for a suitcase with sturdy handles that allow a number of movements and try to find a suitcase that has been treated with a moisture-resisting sealant on the inside, to keep your belongings safe and dry.

Now, the most exciting part... Where are you going this time? Make us jealous by posting a comment!

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