The 6 must-haves to enjoy watching the big football game

Watching a football match can be a sacred moment, especially when it’s during an important championship like the Euro. Country vs country football (or other sports) matches are particularly interesting, as they trigger our patriotism and unite the society towards the opposing ‘rival’.

As this summer looks like it’s one for the boys, we have prepared a practical guide to all things necessary in order to fully appreciate a good game, with the companion of your best mates (or girlfriends, because who said girls don’t like football, too?).

#1 A beer fridge

Your ultimate companion: the beer cooler. Small, practical and ultra-cold, a mini fridge next to the TV to quench your thirst. Don’t drink beer? No problem, just pop in any soft drink you fancy!

#2 A big flat TV

If you don’t invest on a great TV now, when will you? Our tip is to go for a curved one, for a fully immersive experience.

#3 A new sound system

Did you want to go to the stadium and watch the game from up close, but your job or budget responsibilities didn’t allow it? It sucks, we know. But with a fantastic new sound system, you can pretend you’re there among the stadium fans.

#4 A universal remote control

When you’re a tech guy, you have many remote controls; one for the TV, one for the DVD, one for each and every electronic device you own. Why bother looking for the correct one when you can save yourself some time by combining all in one with a super useful One For All remote control?

#5 A cooling fan

It’s the 89th minute, it’s 1-1 and your team has been awarded a penalty. You’re feeling tense and the July heat really doesn’t help. No problem, your traditional, old school fan has got you covered!

#6 A food grill

You’ve got the beer, you’ve got the awesome picture and sound system, the only thing missing is the food; and nobody can resist a good grilled cheese sandwich (or any sandwich or grill for that matter). Better prepare them before the game starts!

So there you go – our top six Before The Game must-haves! What are your suggestions? Make sure to let us know in the comment section and.. good luck to your team!

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