How to dress for your holiday destination

Packing for your summer holidays seems easy, but can be a pain in the neck if you’re not too sure about what style to maintain throughout the trip. Every country, city and even every island has its own identity; it would, therefore, be smart for you to stay true to your destination’s nature and follow its lead when it comes to fashion. Of course, you shouldn’t lose yourself in the process – on the contrary, you must adapt every suggestion to your personality, budget and attitude.

Greek Islands

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Our favourite summer destination. There are many Greek islands and each of them has a specific attitude. Generally, though, we’d say your safest bet is to opt for breezy fabrics, light colours and fedora hats to protect yourself from the heatwaves. When it comes to shoes, your old time classic flip flops will be your favourite accessory when visiting the crystal clear beaches, but don’t forget to take with you a pair of laced flat sandals – they’re inspired from ancient Greece for a reason!

Los Angeles

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If you’re planning on spending your summer in the most fabulous possible way, prepare for the most exciting suitcase packing of all time. Bright colours, funky materials and Hollywood-inspired outfits will most definitely make you the star of the show. Don’t be afraid of exaggerating or adding dramatic touches in your look; embrace the off-shoulder trend, rock those high heeled wedges you’ve always feared to wear in the city and enjoy the most fantastic summer ever.


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Elegance, feminine style and less-is-more attitude. If you’re heading to Capri this summer, your holiday wardrobe should include earthy colours and classic pieces that will highlight your inner goddess. A loose-fitted white shirt and a pair of cropped pants seem to be your best companion for this majestic holiday destination – plus, guess what! You’re following the latest fashion trends!


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The epitome of fun outfits! A Marrakesh suitcase ought to be filled with fringes, stripes, pom-poms and all sorts of ethnic details. From printed shorts and breezy, colourful tunics to fringed high heels and big, dramatic hats – this suitcase has a little bit of everything.


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When in Maldives, you only need one thing really; your swimsuit. In fact, we believe that floral printed ones are your go-to pieces of swimwear to match the background! Maldives are a luxurious holiday destination, however they’re known to bring out the best of you. When you have such a heavenly beautiful landscape to admire, you realise that all you need is a good book, a comfortable chair and total lack of technology and annoying emails.

Where are you going this summer? Are you as excited as we are (and that’s a lot)? Looking forward to hear your ideas regarding holidays fashion!

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