Coffee & style: You are what you drink

We are what we eat. Most importantly, we are what we drink. With 24 hours a day, god knows how much coffee we drink on a daily basis in order to survive the endless responsibilities of adulthood.

And if you thought that there is zero connection between coffee and style, let me prove you wrong. It’s just like food; you cannot imagine a person who eats expensive sushi being dressed as a 70s hippie, can you?


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The coffee choice of all minimalists; so simple and easy to make, yet so tasty and homey. The Americano is most likely the first coffee you ever tasted, the coffee your mother prepares for all the guests after a X-mas lunch, the coffee you think of when feeling nostalgic. The key to success lies in its simplicity; just like the style of those who love Americano. Basic shirts in earthy colors, skinny jeans, ballet flats or sneakers, all in quiet patterns with absence of prints or statement details. Their jewelry is fine, delicate and not complicated. 


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Laid-back, effortless cool, trend setter; that’s you, passionate Latte drinker! Your daily looks insist of cozy,nude colored knits, cuffed denim trousers, hats and ankle booties. Your lips are most likely painted in enchanting colors like dark purple or cherry red and your hands are decorated with lots of thick, bronze bracelets. You’re not a fan of complicated looks either; in fact, you appreciate ease and comfort just as much you appreciate a delicious, takeaway Latte during your lunch break, somewhere in the local park.


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Smart, elegant and fast-paced; just like your Espresso. Your wardrobe includes almost exclusively high-end brands and It-clothes of the latest fashion. You live to shine and so do your clothes and accessories; don’t hide behind your sequined night-out dresses, we can all see your fabulous, not-so-hidden self. Just like your Espresso, you’re serious yet exciting; just like your leather, to-die-for bags.


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You can’t go wrong with the classics - just like Cappuccino. What’s not to like when it comes to the delicious Italian warm drink? Cappuccino lovers know where to invest; and they’re not afraid to do so. Whether we’re talking about their shoes or clothes, they make sure to choose items that are not influenced by current trends. Instead, they only choose what’s meant to last. Short blazers, work trousers and little black dresses fill their stylish wardrobes, while fedora hats and interesting jewelry add a funky touch when needed.

Speaking of coffees, how do you like yours? Do you prefer going out for one, or have you mastered the art yourself? In any case, a good coffee machine is a must if you want to call your house a home.

Looking forward to see if we’ve guessed your style correctly – let us know in the comments!

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