Wedding season - How to be the ultimate wedding guest

Aaah, summer; the season known as ‘Wedding Season’. Doesn’t matter if you’re the one who’s tying the knot, your best friend, colleague or ex-partner – it’s almost certain you’ll wish ‘happily ever after’ to someone.

Good news is you’ll get to eat, drink and dance for free. Bad news is you’ll need to buy a striking, formal outfit, plus gifts for the newlywed. And that, my friend, can be more stressing than organising a whole wedding from scratch. But our team loves you, so sit tight and enjoy our following tips; they are precious, as they come from our personal experiences!

What to wear

I feel that the sartorial part is much more important than the gifts. Attending a wedding dressed fabulously is your number one priority and researching for the best outfit possible can take a lot of time, money and energy.

I don’t believe following rules can help anyone get dressed, as fashion is a very personal matter; however, ladies, please I beg you, do not wear white clothes! It’s commonly known that wearing white as a wedding guest is a no-no, even if you know for a fact that the bride will wear a pastel blue wedding dress. Instead, why not opt for fresh, beautiful and fun colours, such as yellow. It’s bold, exciting and will catch the eye without stealing the show.

If you’re planning on dancing, definitely avoid court shoes. Don’t give me the ‘I won’t sacrifice my style for a wedding’ look - you can still find awesome kitten heels that, frankly, are much more fashionable at the moment. Speaking of shoes, another genius idea is to upgrade a simple, monochrome dress with funky, floral printed shoes.

As for the gents, I know that you can’t really do much with your clothes. Let’s face it, women have more options. However, you can still add interesting details to your blazer or shirt by adding a fancy, coloured pocket square, tie or bow tie that will brighten up any dark suit. Rumour has it that ladies prefer the good looking bachelors who have obviously put some effort in preparing for a wedding.

If wearing a complete suit seems too much for the occasion or the temperature, maybe the answer is hidden behind the ultimate pair of trousers; the chinos. Go for a beige, red or mustard one and match it with a simple linen shirt and boat shoes.

What gift to buy

Now this is where it gets tricky. Most of the couples that get married nowadays, already live together for quite some time, therefore they should have the most important home-ware stuff; plus, do you know how frustrating it is to receive at least five different versions of the same product? That’s why we always try to think in a more alternative way.

For example, you can give them a really nice compact digital camera, to help them create new memories together – it’s a thoughtful, personal and quite unusual gift that they will love, even if they don’t have photography as their hobby. Combined with an emotional wedding card, it’s almost sure they’ll tear and the gift will be proven to be a practical one!

The next idea might sound funny at first but, if you think about it, it’s actually a genius one! What if, and don’t laugh, you bought a cool tool kit for them? Every house needs a tool kit and there is a good chance that they don’t have one – or they might have a basic one.

Is the happy couple a devoted coffee fan? Say no more! A funky coffee machine along with a couple of mugs is a gift they will appreciate – especially if you find tasty, hand roasted and even rare coffee selections from all over the world. Thank you, Internet!

Nobody said the wedding season is an easy one, no sir. But is definitely a fun one. Just think of all those people who are about to start a new life with their other half. Imagine their love and devotion to all good and bad occasions and let that inspire you. 

What are your ideas for the perfect gift and outfit? Let us know in the comments!

May they live happily ever after!

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